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Water polo is a fast paced aquatic team sport that consists of various swimming and ball handling skills used to score goals. All ages are welcome. No experience is necessary to get in shape and have fun playing polo!

Available at: Venice YMCA


Jon Baca, Aquatics Coordinator

P: 941 942 9622 ext. 160

E: [email protected]


Water Polo Program Levels

CAT5: Experienced players who train hard to compete in state and national competitions

Tempest: Developing players who focus on skill, swimming speed and compete in local and state competitions.

Water Polo 2


Schedule (Fall 2021)


  • Girls and Boys, 13 and up
  • 3 2-Hour workouts/week
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 6:00-8:00 PM - Water Polo Practice
  • Sunday: 1:30-3:30 PM - Scrimmage


  • Girls and Boys 14 and under
  • 2 1-Hour workouts/week
  • Tuesday/Thursday: 5:00-6:00 PM - Water Polo Practice
  • Sunday: 2:00-4:00 PM - Scrimmage



Classes offer focused instruction on fundamental elements of the sport. Students will get knowledge on dribbling, egg-beater kick, passing and catching, multiple shot types. Additionally, students will work on their stamina as classes are an hour long, twice a week for four weeks.

The skills mentioned above are key to enjoying the game and preparing for club participation. Classes are non-contact, we do not play water polo games but will play innertube water polo at the end of practices the last week. Call 941 942 9622 ext. 160 for information.

New Novice Clinics

If you have never played water polo before, attend our FREE clinics. These clinics are three hours including one in an air-conditioned classroom.

In the classroom, learn about the history and rules of the game, the vocabulary used at workouts and meet the coaches. Parents are welcome to attend.

Once in the pool, new players will have their swimming capabilities assessed, and then learn how to use those abilities to dribble the ball, pass, catch and shoot the ball.


WP Team
Senior Team Plays Father’s Day Tourney in Miami

WP team 2
Hurricanes 12U team takes Second Place… First medals ever!

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